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Funding the next generation of European Unicorns

We are excited to announce that Welt Ventures will merge with Marktlink Investment Partners to become Marktlink Capital. The merger will further enable entrepreneurs to invest in the strongest private equity, growth equity, and venture capital funds. 

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We are Welt

  • Democratising Venture Capital

    We are democratising Venture Capital by enabling individual investors to invest in top tier Venture Capital and Growth Equity funds and co-invest in the leading tech companies of tomorrow.

  • Supporting European Tech

    We help bridge the European Tech funding gap as we see the tremendous impact of technology on our daily lives and want to ensure the companies that determine our future are European.

  • Generating Longterm Wealth

    We aim to create longterm value for a new segment of investors that want to get access to high performing technology investments unlocked by Welt.

European Future Fund I

  • Strategy

    Holistic and data driven investment strategy, focusing on fund investments and co-investments in the portfolio winners.

  • Access

    Selection of top quartile early stage, late stage and growth equity funds with investment focus on Europe.

  • Returns

    Attractive long term returns based on historical performance of underlying funds and industry outlook.

  • Diversification

    Diversification over multiple funds with spread over investment stage, investment strategy, tech sectors and vintage.

  • Simple

    Venture Capital investments made simple through a state of the art and proprietary investment platform.

  • Network

    Strong network of investors consisting primarily of entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts that support our purpose.

Who we are

We are hiring

  • Jaap Vriesendorp - Managing Partner Welt Ventures

    Jaap Vriesendorp

    Managing partner

  • Bouke Marsman - Managing Partner Welt Ventures

    Bouke Marsman

    Managing partner

  • Piet Hein Conijn - Partner Welt Ventures

    Piet Hein Conijn


  • Bastiaan van Slobbe - Partner Welt Ventures

    Bastiaan van Slobbe


  • Hylke Hertoghs - Partner Welt Ventures

    Hylke Hertoghs


  • Wonderland

    Willem Rens


  • Wonderland

    Sjoerd van Rooijen

    Head of Product

  • Michiel Povel - CFO Welt Ventures

    Michiel Povel


  • Morgan Hielkema - Investment Manager Welt Ventures

    Morgan Hielkema

    Investment Manager

  • Maikel Barcena - Investment Manager Welt Ventures

    Maikel Barcena

    Investment Manager

  • Wonderland

    Adriaan van de Mortel

    Investor Relations